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Studying Disability: Multiple Theories and Responses

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  • Autor: Elizabeth DePoy, Stephen French Gilson
  • Rok wydania: 2011
  • Tytuł: Studying Disability: Multiple Theories and Responses
  • Miejsce wydania: California, USA
  • Wydawnictwo: Sage

This innovative text first reviews existing theories, then sets forth a new viewpoint that incorporates elements from disability studies, sociology, human services, rehabilitation counseling, and public health. Authors Elizabeth DePoy and Stephen French Gilson explore the history of disability with a focus on both Western and non-Western cultures, examine the historical conceptions of disability and how they have affected the lives and civil rights of the disabled, and explore a wide range of both classic and new and emerging theories. The book concludes with a section on application of theory to practice and policy in the professional and public realm and the recommendation of a socially just community.