Mission of Special Pedagogy Forum (SPF)

Special Pedagogy Forum (SPF) goes back to the sources and refers to the work of Professor Grzegorzewska, the creator of special education in Poland.
   Resulting in 125 anniversary of the birth of Mary Grzegorzewska , SPF constitutes a part of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Special Education at the University of Warsaw, events regarded as the beginning of the academic character of special education.
  Using the form of a news portal, the Special Pedagogy Forum (SPF) is created with a view to document and popularize the variety of special education.
 It is a kind of an instrument combining tradition with modernity and penetration of the past, present, into future. It is a communication tool in making the fixed and variable topics of special education.
 It is a meeting space both for theoreticians and practitioners involved in different areas of special education.
We hope that the SPF will be a source of inspiration, scientific impulse to share  achievements and build  these relationships in special education, about which Maria Grzegorzewska said: to exist in history, to create it –mark with your life the traces, proving that we existed.  If not by deeds, then by thoughts and willingness to co-participate in social life.

Program Council of SPF

dr. hab, prof. APS Joanna Głodkowska
dr. Barbara Marcinkowska
dr. Danuta Gorajewska