Badania naukowe

The research in the field of special education still remains the dominant mainstream positivist research perspective. Quantitative studies turn out to be insufficient to recognize the complexity and multiplicity of the issues undertaken by special education.
In the area of disability-related issues of a human and other disorders in his functioning we aim to gain  fair knowledge of possible values, intentions, experiences of people experiencing difficulties related to their own limitations. Penetrate deep into the phenomenon under study, learning "from a human perspective" of its many contexts and interpret it scientifically requires broadening the research workshop for special educators with qualitative perspective.
A prerequisite for building empirically grounded knowledge of the special education teacher is a reliable researcher’s workshop, his substantive powers, methodological and interpersonal skills. The person involved in the research of special education should have the knowledge and skills of research both quantitative and qualitative. Complementary research approach allows for appropriate orientation procedures. A necessary condition for the effectiveness of the analysis are interpersonal teacher – researcher skills, his ability to enter into relations with the scientific community, which contributes to the common recognition of the complex phenomena of special education. Interpersonal skills also influence an individual approach to the subject 're exploring - people with specific individual characteristics, who often have difficulty in self-presentation and communication. Interpersonal researcher’s skills also involve his ability to co-experience  the problems inherent in living with a disability. Exploring by participation is an important feature of qualitative research.
The task of the Special Education Forum is documenting and popularizing the variety of special education. FPS scientific area is a place that combines the theoretical and empirical dimension. We want to build a database of information on research in the field of special education, implemented as individual projects and collaborative research projects.
We hope that the scientific area The Forum of Special Pedagogy will be created with the participation of all interested in special education issues, including scientists in other disciplines, which is close to the widely recognized disability, human disease or dysfunction in social adaptation.
We will strive to ensure that  The Forum of Special Pedagogy area - Research – will be an important source of information, inspiration, and reflection.